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    Values are a fundamental part of society. Through integrity, security, innovation and success, we have created a brokerage where customers, business partners and employees can thrive and succeed.


    Solidity – It is the essence of our company, the main goal for which the managing staff works every day to keep control and guarantee the well-being of our associates and their families.
    Meritocracy – We value our staff only based on the concrete merits shown day by day, without skipping respect to rules and discipline.
    Ambition – We set ourselves important goals; we take responsibility and are determined to strive for achieving the results. We are ready to face challenges, learn from our mistakes by strongly asserting our strengths, being aware that every success has originated in a failure.
    Resourceful – We apply strict selection criteria, we offer continuous and well-trained trainings, trainings during the work process, and we guarantee professional development opportunities and also well-defined career opportunities. We want to face the constant changes in the financial world in a creative and efficient way.
    Team-Work – Together Everyone Achives More: is the essence of the philosophy of our work. The complexity and changes of our sector encourage us to value individualities through a continuous exchange and sharing of different experiences.
    Correctness – It is an absolute and proper value that gives its fruits both in relation to the clientele and within us. We have invested so much in establishing a Compliance system within our company, as we strongly believe that respecting its professional ethics and standards is a guarantee for the future.
    Organization – We work every day to have and maintain a healthy, positive, and comfortable working environment by studying in detail in order to create an enjoyable working environment that makes it easier to achieve results.
    Motivation – We are always looking for the most efficient solutions to the motivation of our employees and not just financially. We are convinced that the high level of movement that characterizes the individuals of our staff is the result of the set of values listed so far.



    Considering our years of experience and thanks to our qualified staff, "Smartcom sha" offers all the guarantees to practice your business based on

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    Smartcom was established in 2013 as Shpk. In 2017, the company was transformed into Sha.

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